The Best Blackjack Strategies

What are the best strategies for playing Blackjack? The premise is that Blackjack, both in its real version and in online blackjack, is the most mathematically honest casino game, with the banker’s and player’s odds of winning almost the same. The game strategies therefore make sense, even if none cancels the house advantage, which in any case can be brought to a modest 1%. The dealer has an advantage because he is the last to speak, so he always waits for the player to choose. Against the dealer it is instead the obligation (for the dealer) to ask for a card for scores less than or equal to 16 and to stand with scores of 17 or higher. In general it can be said that fewer decks benefit the player and make his strategies more effective. It is useless here to report tables based on probabilities, to recommend game behaviors in every single situation, but some advice must be given, which are worth more than any strategy.

Play A Few Hands

The first is to not play multiple hands at the same time and concerns those who play Blackjack online: it is true that tables can facilitate certain automatisms, but it is also true that being present on more than one table takes away clarity and increases the house edge.

Observe The Cards

The second advice is to observe the cards that come out and it is not trivial, because too often one is focused on one’s game, as if it were independent from the rest of the table.

Pay Attention To The Minimum Bet

The third tip is to pay attention to the minimum bets: if a table, virtual or real, has them above 5% of its budget then it is better to leave it alone.

Position At The Table

The fourth tip is to stay as far away as possible from the dealer, not for good luck but because this position allows you to observe the cards drawn by the other players and therefore to lower, in some cases even cancel, the house advantage.

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