How To Play Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is the live roulette of the classic casino game that everyone knows, especially online roulette lovers.

The Lightning Roulette , like that as it normal, is played with a ball and a cylinder with 37 sections numbered 0 through 36. Before each throw players place their bets on the table (virtual, like the rest). When the top of the table is green it means that you can bet, when it is red that the bets are closed, while orange completes the traffic light effect. Then the ball is thrown, it ends up on a number and the winnings are paid from the dealer, taking the rest: so far everything is normal. In casino roulette, however, there is no lightning bolt (in English lightning, in fact), which when it appears in practice indicates and underlines its multiplier function.

The areas of the table that will be electrified are those struck by lightning: numbers, up to 5 lucky numbers at a time, with multipliers up to 500 times the stake. Those who bet on these numbers will therefore have an extra thrill … To win the player must have placed a straight bet on at least one of the five numbers hit by lightning: it should be noted that multipliers do not apply to simple chance bet judi bola online Malaysia, but only to those on numbers, up to 500 times the stake, starting from 50. We can therefore say that lightning roulette has the purpose of inducing the game on numbers, rather than on simple chances, dozens or similar in Significant difference with normal roulette is that lighting roulette pays numbers not falling within the lucky numbers 29 to 1, compared to 35 for classic roulette, a significant difference to the player’s detriment. In the end, clearly for the casino the accounts add up, because the game on numbers is from the point of view of the overall loser, but it is certain that Lightning Roulette sometimes offers more thrills than normal roulette.

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